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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dynamics Ax User Ranges

I recently received the following development question regarding Dyanmics Ax:

How to access the user specified ranges in a form i.e. the ranges set manually by the use, using right click 'Filter by field / Filter by selection' or using the advanced query button.

This is actually quite simple as shown in the following code:

public void executeQuery()
  Query query;
  int i;

  // get a pointer to the current query
  query = this.queryRun().query();

  // Traverse the ranges for the specified table in the query
  for (i = 1; i <= query.dataSourceTable(tableNum(custTable)).rangeCount(); i++)
    // For each range field found display the field name and value chosen by user
    info(strfmt("Field Name: %1 ", fieldid2name(tableNum (CustTable), query.dataSourceTable(tableNum(custTable)).range(i).field())));
    info(strfmt("Value chosen by user: %1", query.dataSourceTable(tableNum(custTable)).range(i).value()));

// Or perform any other work

The above code was written in the executeQuery() method of the DataSource to show the field names and values chosen by the user every time he makes a selection.

Tested on Ax 4.0 and 2009

If you any questions or comments e-mail me on: mirko@mirkobonello.com

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